Monday, June 13, 2016

San Diego State Faculty Defend Thuggish Students

Hat tip The College Fix

This is hardly surprising. In the wake of an embarrassing incident in which the president of the university was kept captive in his own campus police car while pro-Palestinian students surrounded the car and would not let it leave, some 80 faculty members have written a letter to the president complaining about the negative way the students were portrayed. They are also upset over posters placed on campus by David Horowitz's group that portrayed the poor babies as "Jew haters".

I note the name of Jonathan Graubart on the list. Not surprising. I caught this guy's act when he hosted one of his many anti-Israel speakers at SDSU. On that occasion, Graubart was crying about the criticism he was receiving from the local community. One crybaby helping out other crybabies, I say.

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