Sunday, June 26, 2016

Loretta Sanchez's Insulting Op-ed in OC Register

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), who is running for the Senate this year, has an op-ed in this morning's Orange County Register, in which she joins the chorus of liberals who turn Muslims into the victims and us into the "haters".

Sanchez is a fine one to talk about division. I remember just a few years ago when she was running for re-election how she attacked the Vietnamese residents of her district and turned Latinos and Vietnamese against each other. Now she takes yet another terrorist incident, this one committed by a Muslim against a gay nigh club, and turns it into a discussion on how we are marginalizing innocent Muslims. I find that objectionable.

First of all, as I have pointed out many times, Americans have done an admirable job of not attacking innocent American Muslims and blaming the entire community for the acts of the violent Jihadists. The problem is that when we point out the role that Islamic ideology has to do with this violence, we are painted as Islamophobes, racists and bigots. To even talk about Islamic terrorism is deemed as divisive and racist. You won't hear the Loretta Sanchezes of the world having any serious discussion about what drives these killers.

In fact, the last time I saw Sanchez was in 2012 at the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, where she was participating in a town hall forum dedicated to the proposition that sharia law is perfectly compatible with US law (which it isn't). During that meeting, she angrily told one of my friends in the audience to turn off his video camera.

Loretta Sanchez is a joke.

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