Thursday, June 23, 2016

Keynote Speaker at AAUP Conference

Hat tip Campus Reform

Friday’s presentations and discussions revolved around racial diversity in nursing, “the silent symptom of pervasive minimization on the African American architecture student,” and “otherism” “in the belly of the racist university beast.”

If you need any further evidence that the American Association of University Professors is a left-wing bunch, you need look no further than the keynote speaker at their conference, some guy named Shaun Harper from the University of Pennsylvania. He and others introduced a lot of fresh ideas like burning the American flag, teaching social justice in the classroom, and even the term, "coloreds".

"The professor compared microaggressions to paper cuts, saying that while one may be inconsequential, a series of them could impact a student’s time at a university. To address the issue, he recommended the use of trigger warnings, comparing their helpfulness to that of food allergy warnings."

I think someone beat you to that, Dr Harper.

"During the question-and-answer period at a speech he gave at a small college several years ago, Harper recalled an undergraduate student asking him “why ‘coloreds’ do this and ‘coloreds’ do that,” and used that insensitive line of questioning as an example of racial illiteracy."

Really? Are you sure that wasn't several decades ago, Dr Harper?

Judging by his photo, I doubt it. I strongly suspect he made this up because that term hasn't been used in this country since it went out in the 1960s.

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