Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hostage Taker Killed by Cops in German Theatre

German police have killed a man who burst into a German movie house south of Frankfurt, shot up the place and took hostages.

Atlas Shrugs is quoting reports the man spoke "broken German". You don't think this could have been one of Angela's kids, do you?

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Here is what Frankfurter Allgemeiner is reporting under the headline, "Who is the hostage taker in Viernheim?" (translated)

It says the man had no identity papers and there is no indication of an Islamic background.

The Daily Mail (UK) has lots of photos and also reports that the man spoke broken German.

So at this point, we don't know who the attacker is.

If it turns out that this is indeed one of those Middle Eastern refugees, migrants or asylum seekers, this could be a game changer in Germany as far as the country's policy of accepting tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Then again, we thought New Years Eve in Cologne was a game changer.

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