Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do You Still Want to Keep Military-Type Weapons From Law Enforcement?

Image result for the bearcat armored vehicle
The Bearcat

During the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, the left was bemoaning the use of military type weapons and vehicles by law enforcement. (The poor rioters got too much pepper spray, I guess.) In response, the Obama Justice Department announced it was stopping the delivery of military-type equipment to local law enforcement.

Fast forward to this past week and the massacre of 49 innocents at a gay club in Orlando by a Muslim terrorist.

After the initial shots were fired and police arrived, the gunman was still inside with hostages. He called 911 and announced he was doing his evil deed in the name of ISIS. There was only one door into the facility. So how did the police bring an end to the siege, break in and save lives? By using an armored vehicle called a Bearcat, which enabled them to break down a wall and enter, at which time they were able to kill the terrorist. Many lives were saved by that action.

We need to recognize that after 911, Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando, as we await the next attack which is sure to come, our police need these resources and weapons to go up against the bad guys. The Obama administration will not be convinced by the latest carnage. They are too ideologically driven. Nor do i expect Hillary Clinton will change the policy. Trump undoubtedly would.

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