Monday, May 16, 2016

What Jasbir Puar Said at Dartmouth

Hat tip Algemeiner and Campus Watch

Jasbir Puar, a radical, anti-Semitic Rutgers professor, was hoping her words at Dartmouth recently would never see the light of day. Unfortunately for her, she happens to be living in the USA, where these things have a way of coming our eventually. Now we know what she said about Israelis at Dartmouth. As in her other speeches, it is ugly.

"Several scholars have been tracing maiming as a deliberate biopolitical tactic on the part of Israel in the occupation of Palestine. Medical personnel in both Gaza and the West Bank reported mounting evidence of shoot to cripple practices of the IDF,......"

Really? And just who are these "several scholars"? Just who are these medical personnel in Gaza and the West Bank? This is like those TV ads that say, "Scientific tests prove that New Blue Cheer gets clothes whiter".

Aside from  her own bigotry, she also shows what an imbecile she is. Instead of shooting to kill, Israelis are now accused of shooting to maim. Good grief! What does this dope think happens when you are shot-you go to sleep for a few minutes? Bio-political tactic? Only a university professor could come up with a word like that!

This sounds like the ravings of Julius Streicher.

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