Tuesday, May 24, 2016

UCI's Reply to Letters Regarding Last Week's Incident

Hat tip JJ

The message below is the canned response being sent out by UC Irvine to members of the public who 
have written to the university in the wake of last week's disruption of a Jewish event on campus. 
I apologize for the disjointed reproduction of the message. That's what happens when you
 transfer it from an email to the blog.

Dear ……..,
Thank you for contacting us.  
We are examining this incident closely and take any reports of potential danger seriously. 

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost priority.  As stated in Thursday’s campus


threats, harassment, incitement and defamatory language are not considered protected speech and

will not be tolerated.  
You may also be interested in a clarifying statement issued by Hillel on Friday, May 20: 
An investigation is underway.  We will determine the appropriate course of action once a review of

the facts is completed.  We will update our community as soon as we can.
UCI is a diverse campus that is strengthened by a mix of cultures and opinions. 

Our commitment to providing a safe environment that allows ideas to flourish is unwavering.  
We appreciate your interest in our university. 
Office of the Chancellor
University of California, Irvine

Here is my question: Why is the university stressing the (2nd) message sent out by Hillel and the
Jewish Federation, a message that downplays the ugly nature of the protest-in stark contrast to the
reported statements and descriptions of those who were there and even the  first message sent out by Hillel/Federation?? 

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