Friday, May 20, 2016

The Case Against Muslim Immigration

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Larry A. Craig, a Christian minister and writer, has written a thought-provoking article in It is about why Muslim immigration should be curtailed.

I have written on this before and have also stated that given world events, Muslim immigration should be stopped. That is a drastic proposal and one that would probably not pass muster in our courts unless, of course the US suspended all immigration on the grounds that we needed to allow assimilation to catch up and to deal with the 12 million illegal immigrants we have, which is a reasonable action in my view. (We have done it before.)

I agree with Mr Craig that while many Muslims who emigrate from their home countries do so solely for a better life, it is part of a world plan to flood the West with millions of Muslims and-someday- to make Islam dominant. Sorry, but that would be incompatible with our desire to remain free societies. The irrefutable fact is that the larger the Muslim population in any a particular country becomes, the more social unrest you have. Europe has proven that. The unfortunate fact is that Islam is a political and totalitarian ideology with a religious veneer. Once you understand the history of Islam and its texts, then you understand why these terrible things are happening daily around the world and you realize that it is no religion of peace and tolerance.  It is just the opposite.

Right now, Muslims in America make up something like one per cent of the total population. That number must not be allowed to rise. No doubt most Muslims are decent people. The first wave who arrived just a few decades ago were mostly professional people-in stark contrast to those in Europe. Today, the children of these American immigrants are in college. On the surface, there is much more assimilation than in Europe. However, radicalization is occurring on the Internet and also in many US mosques. As I have personally witnessed, many Muslim college students are actively agitating against our ally Israel on campuses across the country. Several past leaders of Muslim Student Associations, Anwar al Awlaki most prominently, have gone on to join terrorist organizations. Hundreds, if not thousands of US Muslims have joined their co-religionists in Europe, Canada and Australia in joining ISIS. In addition, we are now bringing in high-risk refugees from Somalia, Iraq and Syria. This is going to result in innocent American lives being lost. Mark my words. We have already suffered the Boston Marathon massacre at the hands of two "refugees" from Daghestan.

It goes without saying that stopping Islamic immigration will affect many decent Muslims. Sorry, but they will have to pay for the crimes of their co-religionists. The basic point here is that we cannot afford to take the risk to our own public safety. Nobody who is not a US citizen has a God-given right to come to the US. Immigration is supposed to be for our benefit not those wishing to immigrate. We have clearly lost sight of that basic principle.

Finally, Mr Craig mentions Donald Trump as the only presidential candidate who has talked about stopping Muslim immigration. I have a feeling that this is a major factor in the wide support he enjoys.

Stopping Muslim immigration is not about hate and should not be. It should be based on keeping our own country safe from terror and radical ideology. It would require skillful diplomacy to avoid turning the whole Islamic world against us (It mostly is anyway.) But if we are to survive as free and open societies enjoying freedom of religion and expression, it must be done.

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elwood p suggins said...

Gary--I agree with you completely, but you are expecting common sense from people who apparently don't have any. NONE!!! It is like emigration to the U.S. by aliens is some sort of right, no matter what. That is not, or at least should not, be the case.