Saturday, May 21, 2016

SJP Poetry Recital and Musical Serenade

Hat tip Campus Reform

Among the myriad of contributions that Palestinians have made to American society is their love of poetry and musical talent. That was on display Wednesday night at UC Irvine when the Students for Justice in Palestine choir, directed by the National Lawyers Guild and UCI Law School,  serenaded the campus with a poetry recital.

Wasn't that masterful?

                                                           "Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

If you are wondering who the actual composer was, I know it wasn't Bach, and it wasn't Beethoven. It might have been *Bazian, but I'm not sure.

Of course, as is traditional, the performance was preceded by a beautiful rendition of the Palestinian National Anthem, The Blood Splattered Banner, performed by Ace Frehley and his suicide guitar (Melody by Francis Scott Key, lyrics by Fousesquawk).

(My apologies to Ace.)

Yes, a wonderful time was had by all. The performance was so moving the campus police had to be called in to keep the performers from storming the audience.

* Hatem Bazian, co-founder of SJP,  professor at UC Berkeley, and part-time poet (though he doesn't know it)

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