Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One New Heart is Still Saving Young Lives

It has been much too long since I posted something about One New Heart and Hank and Michele Dannecker, American Christian missionaries who are working with Wolfson Hospital in Israel to provide free corrective heart surgery to young children born with congenital heart disease. They have sponsored many children from the West Bank and Gaza and have expanded their reach to Romania. They continue their work even though Hank has been battling a serious illness the past year.

Israeli surgeons work pro bono to perform the operation. However, there are still costs involved in transporting the children and their families, hospital costs etc.

Currently, One New Heart is sponsoring Naomi, a Romanian girl.

From ONH's latest email:

Naomi and her mother have been staying at the SACH house since their arrival to Israel on the 17th, waiting for her surgery to take place. It was postponed twice now, due to complicated surgeries of other children and a full PICU. 

Pray with us that her surgery will take place tomorrow! If it does not, the next day that surgery could occur would be Sunday. All next week, the doctors will be attending a conference and no surgeries will be scheduled. We would love for Hank to still be in Israel to support her, observe the surgery, and help with follow-up care. As you can imagine, the waiting for Naomi and her mother is not easy, but a little gift always brightens a child's day!


I encourage you to visit their website linked in this text or one my home page under "Worthy of our support". If you can contribute, please do so.

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