Friday, May 13, 2016

Jasbir Puar Update

Hat tip The College Fix

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"No video taping."

Rutgers Professor of Queer Something or Other, Jasbir Puar, is back in the news. The lady who loves to make anti-Semitic statements about Israels but doesn't want to be on videotape pulled out of a scheduled speech at Fordham when she learned they wouldn't enforce her no-taping rule, a rather queer stance if you ask me. That led to her latest dust up at Dartmouth. The College Fix has an update on the shy professor.

Isn't it amazing that these radical professors react like cockroaches when the light is shined on their words? They seem to think that nobody outside of the protective cocoon of academia will ever hear what they are propagating to our children.

That's what San Francisco State professor Rabab Abdulhadi apparently thought last year when she was scheduled to speak at UC Irvine. Then, at the last minute, when I showed up with my handy video camera and a UCI official explained to the Muslim Student Union that the university would not enforce their no-taping mandate, Abdulhadi failed to materialize. Whether she was hiding behind the curtains or in another room, I don't know. After some quick shuffling by MSU, what the audience got was a Skype interview with some Arab guy in Washington DC who blew cigarette smoke into the camera as he answered questions from a "disappointed" audience.

I cannot wait for Jasbir Puar to bring her side show to UC Irvine.

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