Sunday, May 22, 2016

Is This Occupy Paris?

Hat tip Gallia Watch

T shirt reads, "Clement has never been one of ours"

In France, they call themselves the anti-fascists (ANTIFA), strange name for people who riot, attack, and torch police cars with the cops still in them. Below is a report on what happened in Paris Wednesday thanks to the so-called anti-fascists who were protesting a new labor law.

When not rioting over labor laws, the "anti-fascists" are rioting in support of all the nice Middle Eastern people who come to France to live off welfare and blow people up to show their gratitude.

A word of warning to you Antifa people: Don't  try this in America. Bad things happen. Unlike the French cop in the video who didn't even draw his weapon while these punks were torching his car with him it, American cops will definitely act differently.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

These characters are a classic case of being ever-ready to fight the last war... or the last revolution... or the last whatever. History will dissolve them.