Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harvard Law Resembles Hitler's Enabling Law

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Mark Tushnet

What was that old saying about a messy desk?

One wonders these days just what the expression, Harvard Law, really means. According to Harvard Law Professor Mark Tushnet, it apparently means sweeping out everything that smacks of conservatism. Here are some examples of Tushnet's "legal opinions".

Notwithstanding Tushnet's references to Nazis and fascist thoughts, his writing seems to  me to be in line with Hitler's 1933 Enabling Law.

This, of course, comes soon after the embarrassing incident at a Harvard Law panel in which a law student insulted an ex-Israeli cabinet member by calling her "smelly".

If I am not mistaken, Harvard's law school is reputed to be the most prestigious in the land. Yet this is the type of indoctrination its students are getting. In truth, all too many of our law schools are doing little more than instilling a leftist ideology in their students. Since when is our law and our constitution structured around what is liberal vs what is conservative? What this professor is advocating is not law as we know it in America; it is the law of dictators.

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