Tuesday, May 3, 2016

David Horowitz to Speak at UC Irvine

Hat tip College Republicans and New University

This Friday, David Horowitz will be speaking at UC Irvine on the topic of campus anti-Semitism, sponsored by the UCI College Republicans. It seems the Muslim Student Union,  Students for Justice in Palestine, and even Hillel are not too happy about it. Here is the report from UCI's New University.

"From the river to the sea...."

"Hillel Foundation of Orange County, which oversees Hillel at UC Irvine, the campus’s leading organization for Jewish students, did not comment on Horowitz’s scheduled event stating that it is not involved with the program."

Typical of Hillel. Hiding under their desks.

"However, many Muslim Student Union members believe that Horowitz is not the right choice to provide another perspective on the Israel-Palestine situation. "
“There are a number of speakers who could have been invited to provide a different perspective. It is not necessary for College Republicans to incite polarization and hostility by inviting a renowned Islamophobe on campus,” said Falmata Mohamed, Public Relations representative of the MSU."
Really? And Amir Abdel Malik Ali, a frequent MSU speaker at UCI over the years, has never incited polarization and hostility? How about Hatem Bazian, the co- founder of Students for Justice in Palestine? He has spoken often at anti-Israel events here at UCI on behalf of the MSU as well as many other places. This is the guy who called for an intifada in the US in 2004 in San Francisco.
“We hold UCI accountable for allowing such harmful, violent people, who vehemently support genocide and settler colonialism on our campus, and will not engage in any commentary aside from condemnation,” said SJP in a statement to The New University."
So says SJP, a Brown Shirt organization that uses intimidation and bullying tactics on campuses across the nation.
If SJP says that Horowitz doesn't merit their attention, I guess that means they will not turn out to protest.
We shall see.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I would agree that Horowitz doesn't merit anyone's attention.