Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cal State LA (My Alma Mater): What a Mess

Hat tip The College Fix and College Insurrection

"Shapiro raus!"

As a Cal State University alum, It really pains me to write this piece. (Not really.) Their president, a bozo named William Covino, embarrassed by the Ben Shapiro incident, apparently thinks the solution to stopping student riots is to put up roadblocks for conservative speakers.

And there's more: While Covino tries to formulate a strategy to avoid the "tragedy" of conservative speakers on his campus, one of his professors has called Shapiro, "neo-nazi" fully aware that he is Jewish.

"During the same session, professor Melinda Abdullah, chair of the college’s Pan-African Studies department, told Covino that she found Shapiro to be an advocate of “anti-blackness,” even calling him a “neo-Nazi,” which she said is “ironic” because she knows he’s Jewish."

I would like to ask Ms Abdullah:  Just who acted like Neo-Nazis during the Shapiro appearance at CSULA?

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