Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another Embarrassing Incident at Dartmouth

Hat tip Campus Reform

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"Brown Lives Matter."

Just days ago, I cross-posted a story about anti-Semitic professor Jasbir Puar's speech at Dartmouth College, in which a man was prevented from videotaping.

Now we have another story about Dartmouth. When the College Republicans put up a display to support police entitled, "Blue Lives Matter" to help commemorate National Police Week, the Black Lives Matter speech police put on their brown shirts, took down the display, replaced it with their own, and stationed guards to prevent the CR folks from replacing their display. Naturally, college administrators acted with  typical cowardice.

Update: Here is the report from the campus paper, The Dartmouth.

This calls to mind April 1, 1933 when the Nazis boycotted Jewish stores across Germany. Brown shirted SA troops blocked the doors and intimidated people from entering.

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