Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Albuquerque: "Thugs and Criminals"

Donald Trump referred to the rioters outside his speaking appearance in Albuquerque last night as "thugs and criminals". He was right.

Last night, I watched the news reports coming out of Albuquerque on Fox, CNN and MSNBC. While the Fox commentators accurately called it what it was as their man on the scene, Jonathan Hunt, tried to report while dodging rocks and smoke, CNN and MSNBC showed more sympathy to the rioters' point of view as expected. They placed most of the blame on Trump's rhetoric. Not surprisingly, MSNBC's Chris Matthews was snarky with a police spokesman right off the bat when the spokesman referred to the violent behavior of the rioters.

Make no mistake: These thugs and criminals were not there because Trump did not have the right view on climate change. This was an immigration protest. Mexican flags were much in evidence as rocks and battles were hurled at the police, who were clearly not prepared for what was taking place. Many of the cops had no helmets on and few if any arrests were taking place. Instead, the police were trying to herd the rioting cattle down a certain route until the whole thing just petered out. This is the so-called "Ferguson effect". The cops are afraid of taking any action that might be construed as "excessive force" and being captured on videotape preparing the way for criminal prosecution. So we have rioters throwing rocks and bottles at police and horses while attacking police cars with impunity.

This should settle the argument on the so-called "militarization" of the police, so lamented in Ferguson and leading the Obama administration to take away any military-type resources from local police forces. What was needed was armed vehicles, riot gear, and lots of arrests. Instead of horses the cops should have been riding bulls and imitating Pamplona.

Last night, Donald Trump, if anything, got a boost in his ratings as millions of Americans watched in disgust.  He became a more formidable candidate, and his campaign will gain in strength as these incidents repeat themselves over what promises to be a long, hot summer. Just wait until the Republican convention takes place in Cleveland. No doubt the Occupy, Move On, Black Lives Matter, and Open Borders crowd will converge on the Mistake by the Lake. There will be so many Mexican flags, the uninformed will think it's the state flag of Ohio.

And don't think Philadelphia will be immune. There is an element within the Sanders crowd that doesn't shy away from this behavior. Maybe the theme will be Occupy (Hillary's) Wall Street. Who knows. In addition, the anarchists will show up just to make trouble. It doesn't matter what the cause is.

I got a taste on what Clinton's campaign theme is going to be from the remarks of one talking head on CNN last night. This Clinton supporter opined that Clinton will stress the need for Americans to come together and not be divided as they are over Trump. Just this week, the campaign unfurled their new slogan.

"Stonger together". All they need is to bring back the Turtles to sing it.

What a hoot. Hillary Clinton is every bit as much as divisive a  personality as Trump. I can just see it now: Me and the Albuquerque rioters united behind Hillary Clinton.

According to many national polls that came out this week, Trump is now neck and neck with Hillary or even slightly ahead. The more anti-Trump riots that occur over the next few months look for that the grow. Maybe Hillary can organize a few anti-Hillary riots.

Sounds like a great campaign strategy.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Thugs and criminals... this seems a genuine case of "It takes one to know one."