Tuesday, April 5, 2016

UCLA "Explains" Return of Gabriel Piterberg to Campus

Hap tip Campus Watch and Inside Higher Education

"Welcome back, Gabe."

Inside Higher Education, which apparently everybody in academia reads, has weighed in on the mess at UCLA regarding the suspension of Professor Gabriel Piterberg in a case involving accusations of sexual harassment of co-eds. I have posted this story previously, so much of what is detailed here might be repetitive. However, what I found really dumbfounding was the statement put out by UCLA's diversity, inclusion and all-that-stuff director, Jerry Kang.

"Regarding the alleged “opacity” of the investigation, Kang said that “those with concerns today must understand that this matter all took place before the new Title IX Office was created, before the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion was created, and before new policies and procedures on sexual harassment and violence were adopted. Going forward, these new procedures greatly increase transparency by providing key information to the complainant about the investigation, its findings and their consequences.”

Oh, now I understand, Jerry. That's why I had to piss away two hours on an online training course at UC Irvine last quarter that taught me it was wrong to grope women in the workplace and to report any violations to the Title IX coordinator. That's why I will have to take this course every two years. I guess before all this was mandated, that kind of behavior was within UCLA guidelines. 

Meanwhile, Piterberg is no doubt welcomed back with open arms by the UCLA Center for Near East Studies, of which he was director, so he can once again join in all the seminars dedicated to trashing Israel. I just hope that students who come to watch these events will remember who exactly Piterberg is as he opines about morality and justice in the Middle East.

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