Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stanford's David Palumbo-Liu Steps in it Again

Hat tip Campus Watch,  and Stanford Review

I got a taste of  anti-Israel activist and Stanford professor David Palumbo-Liu in January of this year when he appeared on a panel discussing freedom of expression at UC Irvine. That is when he misrepresented the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism as including any criticism of Israel. When one of my colleagues challenged him on that statement during the break, he turned tail and ran away like a frightened rabbit.

Now Palumbo-Liu has stepped in it once more by recommending some very questionable (to put it charitably) reading on the topic of Israel in a recent article in ( itself a questionable source).

The above article adequately describes Mondoweiss, Electric Intifada et al, but I would like to add something (else) about Alison Weir since I have seen her speak twice at UC Irvine.
During her second appearance in May 2011, I  pointed out to her  that the organization she was heading, the Council for the National Interest, had as one of its past officials, the imprisoned terrorist Abdulrahman Alamoudi. She said she didn't know that and would have to check into it. So much for her credibility.

Palumbo-Liu did, in fact, add a "deletion" of Weir's "If Americans Knew" after he learned more about her-things even I could have told him about years ago. The learned professor  needs to do his homework before he quotes and lauds people like Alison Weir and the others he referenced. (He also listed Angela Davis of all people.) Add this to his absurd statement at UC Irvine last January, and you must come to the conclusion that at best he is a sloppy researcher.

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