Wednesday, April 27, 2016

John Kerry Says Don't Blame Muslims

Hat tip PJ Media

John Kerry has put on his kumbaya hat once again.  In a speech at Rice University, he took aim at those who speak critically of Islam in the face of the non-stop terror attacks and religious persecution going on around the world.

I don't blame all Muslims for the acts of ISIS, Al Quada or Boko Haram, nor do I smear Muslims in general, but the protestations of US Muslim leaders that the above don't represent Islam is drawn into serious question  by a careful study of the Koran, the hadith, and the life of Mohammad.

As for the anti-Semitism  and persecution of Christians, it is being done by Muslims. Is it not natural that many would draw negative conclusions about the ideology that is driving all this?  We don't have to smear all Muslims, nor should we, but we do have every right to critically examine the ideology that accounts  for so much hate and death around the world.

Finally, as we count up the number of Western Muslims who have joined ISIS or been arrested trying to, how many Western Muslims can Kerry name that have gone to the Middle East to fight against ISIS?

The answer as far as I know stands at zero.

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