Monday, April 25, 2016

Can Tennessee Lead the Way in Defunding Campus Diversity Offices?

Hat tip Deb

In what I consider an encouraging development, the Tennessee legislature  (both houses) has voted to bar the use of state funds for a diversity office at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Inside Higher Education has a report.

These diversity offices and cross cultural centers as well  are a waste of time and money. They sound great in theory, but in practice, they are centers where certain groups divide themselves from others. Diversity should come naturally and without anyone paying attention to it. As long as students and faculty think of themselves as human beings, Americans, and (UT) Volunteers, all else will fall into line. Start dividing yourselves into "victimized" tribes and nothing but conflict will follow. Currently, many of these centers are promoting the division between "Students of Color" and "Privileged whites".

For years now, I have watched the UC Irvine Cross Cultural Center used as a staging area for the Muslim Student Union and more recently, Students for Justice in Palestine to venture forth and disrupt Jewish pro-Israel events. The patio right outside the CCC has been requisitioned by the MSU for years as their prayer area. How can Jewish students feel comfortable there? 

Finally, I refuse to accept this myth that in the year 2016, non-white students do not feel welcome on a college campus. Quite the opposite. They are coddled and made to feel as if they are some kind of handicapped children who can't get by without diversity offices and cross cultural centers in order to find friends.

How racist is that?


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