Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another University Title IX Screw Up

Add Colorado State University at Pueblo to the growing list of universities trying to enforce the Obama administration's interpretation of Title IX when it comes to sexual assaults and sexual "assaults".

In this instance, we have a young man who had consensual sex with a young lady. No problem, right?

Read on.

This is a classic example of why the universities are ill-equipped to deal with these issues. Instead of due process, we have kangaroo courts in which the male suspect or accused is presumed guilty at the outset.

California has recently passed a boffo ruling that says that a male student must get clear consent from the female for each step in the sexual process, from touching her breasts to actual penile penetration. I don't know if Colorado is similar, but it seems from the article that the critical point is where the young man initially penetrated the lady without a condom (then withdrew when she objected to his not having a condom). If that is sexual assault, it is time we all entered the monastery. Or maybe we need a team of lawyers present on both sides when we have sex.

I wish this young man well in his lawsuit.

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