Tuesday, March 8, 2016

UC Davis Chancellor Under Fire Over High Paying Moonlighting

For you and me, the term, "moonlighting" means working a second job to stay afloat, you know like driving a cab at night after you get off your day job. For UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, it means something a lot different. The UC Davis chancellor is under fire for accepting some high paying work aside from her duties at UC Davis. Gloria Romero, a former Democratic elected official now writing for the Orange County Register, mostly on education issues, has an opinion piece in the OCR today, in which she argues it is time for Katehi to go. The below article sheds light on a university system whose costs of doing business is way too high.

Of course, as usual, UC President Janet Napolitano has no clue as to the problem, just as she had no clue about Operation Fast and Furious, a DOJ concoction that led to the deaths of two of her own agents when she was  head of DHS. Of course, that was because she didn't want to know. Apparently, she doesn't want to know now about the moonlighting of one of her chancellors.

Katehi has long shown herself to be an incompetent chancellor. Her response to growing anti-Semitism on her campus, including the appearance of swastikas on the walls of a Jewish fraternity building, has been woefully inadequate. UCD needs a new chancellor.

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