Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Terror-Related Shootout in Belgium

Une personne est évacuée après des échanges de tirs à Bruxelles dans le cadre d'une perquisition.
-Le Figaro

A terror raid by Belgian and French police today in a Brussels suburb has resulted in three officers being wounded. Two or three suspects are on the run. The raid is connected to the Paris attacks from last year.

According to Le Figaro, French police also took part in the raid, three policemen were wounded and a search is on for two suspects who escaped over the rooftops of adjacent buildings.

According to  The Telegraaf (NL)  the officers were shot by a Kalishnikov. They report that three suspects are being sought. It is also reported but not confirmed that two might be holed up in an apartment and one of them has been "neutralized".

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