Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shame on Biden-Shame on Obama

Just as Joe Biden was arriving in Israel, an American was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Jaffa and 12 Israelis were wounded. That was met by praise for the killer from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, who hailed the killer and called him a martyr. Biden, for his part, met with Bibi Netanyahu, condemned the attacks, and criticized the PA for not condemning said attacks. Now he has gone to the West Bank and met with Mahmoud Abbas even offering terms of a peace deal.

While I am glad Biden condemned the attacks, he didn't go nearly enough as far as the PA was concerned. Not only did they not condemn the attacks, they hailed the killer of an American citizen.

And Biden goes through with his visit to Abbas?

That visit should have been cancelled. I suspect a President Biden would have cancelled it, but Obama certainly wouldn't let him.

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Squid said...

Biden has caressed Obama's backside for seven years. What else would one expect from uncle Joe.