Friday, March 11, 2016

Mob Rule Triumphs in Chicago

A planned Donald Trump rally in Chicago has been canceled due to large scale protests and violence both inside and outside the arena. It is ongoing as I write.

Make no mistake: These are not angry Republicans who don't want Trump to get the nomination. This is the left showing the same sort of opposition to free speech that we have seen on our campuses. Indeed, it appears that there is some specific participation on the part of the University of Illinois at Chicago (where the venue is located although this is an urban area as opposed to an isolated campus.)

I have said it before; I am not a Trump supporter, but this is a punch in the face to free speech. There were several thousands of  people who had come to listen to Trump. Their rights were denied just as much as Trump's. Once again, the left has resorted to mob rule.  Another black eye for Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Just this week, Hillary Clinton issued critical comments about Trump's campaign because there were a couple of punching incidents at his rallies. So what will she say now?

Incidents like these will not help Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democrat nominee is. Just like 1968, the public will take note.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

"The Left"??? Maybe its an inchoate mass of Chicago residents who don't really understand exactly what is going on but have picked up the vibe that Trump is hostile to Americans of African or Hispanic descent and are lashing out wildly at the prospect.

That wouldn't be a good thing, but it wouldn't be the conspiratorial construct you subtly imply without actually making a definite statement.

Squid said...

It was mentioned on Fox News that had, in part organized this protest against Trump. George Soros funs MoveOn. org with millions of dollars. Soros is for open boarders, immigration and is currently funding an organization that is trying to get immigrants on the voting roles. As for Hillary, she has the full backing of Soros and will follow his lead on what he wants to do with America and that is to destroy it.
This protest most likely has paid protestors in the ranks. This is the "Shadow Government" in play.


Gary Fouse said...


This was not the Tea Party. This was not Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz supporters. I saw Mexican flags, Black Lives Matters, Occupy types and a few guys wearing keffiyas.

Even if you believe that Trump is hostile to Hispanics or blacks, does that mean he has no right to give a speech? Does that mean that his followers don't have a right to hear him speak?

It's called the First Amendment. I have personally seen it under attack in academia. And don't forget the venue-at the Univ of Illinois at Chicago.

ChrisLA said...

Normally, when people go to a political rally they are either loyal supporters or they are neutral and want to learn more about the candidate. What are provoking those violent encounters are very committed ANTI-Trump protesters who are deliberately trying to disrupt the rallies. If someone doesn’t like Trump, he/she should use time and resources to help another candidate get the nomination. The reason for these protests (which are intended to provoke violent responses), however, is that Republicans (and Democrats) are realizing that Trump is unstoppable – politically. So they are inciting scenes within the Trump rallies to make the events appear disgusting and undemocratic.

I am not a big fan of Donald Trump, but he should not be denied the right to express his views by his opponents. Let them find their own candidates and arenas for voicing their own ideas.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I didn't say it was the Tea Party. Where do you get that from? Is the Tea Party the ONLY group in America that can legitimately be described as an "inchoate mass of Chicago residents who don't really understand exactly what is going on"? I also didn't say that these protests are pristine legitimate expressions of dissent. The reason for these protests is, most likely, since none of us know each and every individual involved and their motives, because a majority of the American people are disgusted with Trump and the fact that the Republican Party is so in thrall to people who would respond to him that he may actually claim the GOP nomination before taking the party down in flames. (The GOP deserves Trump -- and I personally wouldn't bother to protest the jerk. Let him stew in the mess he made). If George Soros is funding this (which I doubt very much) then its not "The Left." Soros is no more "left" than any other billionaire finance capital speculator.

You saw Mexican flags? Well then, it must have been organized by the Mexican consulate, right?

Soros is for open boarders? You can't make a living running a boarding house that way. My great grandmother ran a boarding house after her husband disappeared with what may have been a bad case of amnesia. You gotta make sure the residents pay their bills every week.

Gary Fouse said...


I know you didn't say it was the Tea party. What it was was, plus Bernie supporters, BLM and guys wearing Palestinian keffiyas. And yes, I saw plenty of Mexican flags waved by people who forget what country they are in.

Soros is not left? Wow. Better re-Google him, Siarlys.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, you wouldn't know "left" if you tripped over it in broad daylight. Soros is a speculator. Look up in every novel written shortly after the Russian Revolution and see what it says about how speculators were treated. is a band of bloggers responsible to nobody but themselves. There may have been some people there who plan to vote for Bernie, but they weren't sent by the campaign. BLM is kind of inchoate also, and I wouldn't be surprised if some Palestinians thought Trump was a dire threat to them... You haven't answered my question about Mexican flags. I might show up with a Welsh flag, but that doesn't mean all the residents of heavily Republican Wales, WI, a wealthy suburb these days, are responsible for me.

Gary Fouse said...

Soros uses his money to fund every leftist cause out there. Do some research. Ditto with All I said about Mexican flags was that they were much in attendance. You draw the conclusions.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Those causes aren't "leftist." What have any of them ever done for the working class?