Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton's "Security Review"

Among her many other lies pertaining to the email scandal, Hillary Clinton continues to describe the matter as a "security review". Let's clear that up. First of all, the State Department was forced-forced- to go over some 55,000 emails that Hillary Clinton had belatedly turned over to their control. That was pursuant to a federal judge's order when it was discovered that DOS had virtually none of her emails.  As for the FBI, I can assure you they are not conducting a "security review". They are conducting a criminal investigation.

But let's face it: Hillary Clinton lives in a different world.

In Hillary Clinton's world, the FBI in Chicago was doing a security review at the Biograph Theater in 1934 when they just happened to shoot John Dillinger to death in the process. They called it a security review gone bad.

In Hillary Clinton's world, the FBI was doing a security review when they arrested a bunch of Washington politicians who thought they were taking bribes from an Arab sheikh in Operation Abscam during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Likewise, the FBI was just doing a security review in 2006 when they found thousands of dollars in corrupt Louisiana Congressman William J "Cool Cash" Jefferson's freezer.

And all those terrorists the FBi has been arresting, people who wanted to blow up buildings or run off to join ISIS?

Security reviews.

Having made my point, I will close this short piece by paying tribute to the man who was the greatest security guard in our nation's history.

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