Monday, March 28, 2016

Feds to Interview Hillary

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"Agent Schultz! Long time no see."

This signals that they are nearing the conclusion of their investigation

If this report is accurate, it appears that the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server is nearing its conclusion. Only after gathering all the other facts would it be time to conduct interviews of Clinton and the main figures around her. That would mean Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedine and Jake Sullivan.

Of course, this leaves other related investigations still open, such as the Clinton Foundation and any possibly false testimony Clinton might have given before Congress in regards to Benghazi.

When this interview takes place, Clinton is going to have to be careful about 18 USC 1001-lying to federal investigators during an investigation. She will likely be asked question, to which the investigators already know the answers. Any lies on her part will provide additional evidence of guilty knowledge in addition to the 1001 crime itself.

Who knows? Maybe Hillary will take the 5th. It might be the best thing she can do.

But Fousesquawk....

"A Clinton campaign spokesman told the newspaper they are ready to cooperate with investigators.
“She first offered last August to meet and answer any questions they might have,” Brian Fallon said. “She would welcome the opportunity to help them complete their work.”
I know. Write that down for future reference.

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"On second thought........."


Siarlys Jenkins said...

FWIW, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a merger of economic necessity between the former liberal daily and the former conservative daily, ran an editorial this morning saying Hillary is weak on transparency. The editorial didn't actually endorse Sanders, but broadly hinted that her qualifications to run for president are dubious.

Gary Fouse said...

And they are correct. I understand Bernie is up 4 percentage points in the Wisconsin polls.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

How happy will you be when President Sanders is sworn in?