Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cultural Enrichment in Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Muhammad Zulkifal
"It had nothing to do with Islam."

So a Pakistani imam condemns two Pakistanis to death because they violated sharia law by wearing bathing suits to a beach. One of the victims was dismembered.

Well, that's just Pakistan, right?

Wrong. It happened in Italy.

You have to go back many centuries to find a case where a cleric in Italy had someone executed for something like this.

Think about it.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I assume he's been arrested? With this much information out, it is highly unlikely he hasn't been. There was a self-described pagan circle in Texas that decided to practice human sacrifice. Last I heard, they were all doing time for homicide, as is only right. But I know pagans who are the gentlest souls in the world who would never do anything like that.

Sure, it has something to do with Islam. It is this Imam's understanding of Islam. Other Muslims would beg to differ, or no, wouldn't even beg, just differ.