Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anti-Semitic Speech and Free Speech

Hat tip Frontpage Magzine and Squid

Richard Cravatts of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East has written a recent article in the wake of the UC Regents' statement of principles on intolerance, which addresses anti-Semitism. Frontpage Magazine has posted it, so I am cross-posting it as well. Here Cravatts addresses the issue of anti-Semitic speech and free speech.

There are certain forms of what we consider-or what some consider-to be hate speech that are still protected under the First Amendment. The university also enjoys a right of free speech and can condemn what it considers to be anti-Semitic expressions when they occur. On the other hand, if a student scrawls a swastika on a campus wall, he or she can be expelled-and prosecuted for vandalism as well.

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