Saturday, February 13, 2016

Threat of ISIS Attack in US Dire

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

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"Widows and orphans celebrating New Years Eve"

On Tuesday this week, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, and Vincent Stewart, Director of Defense Intelligence, told Congress that the threat of an ISIS attack in the US this year is probable.

According to their testimony, there are over 6,600 foreign fighters from the West who have joined ISIS and that the terror organization is trying to infiltrate terrorists within the flow of Syrian refugees to the West. (We already knew that. ISIS told us.)

And just in the past month, we have witnessed the murder of a Swedish volunteer worker by a young Somali migrant, the murder of a woman in Italy by a migrant, and the murder of a woman in Austria by an asylum seeker. Add that to last year's Paris attacks, in which at least one of the killers was a "refugee". Meanwhile, rapes are at an unprecedented scale, and guess who is committing them. I'll give you a hint. It is not native-born Europeans.

Here in the US, the FBI continues to thwart plots to join ISIS or carry out attacks by assorted Muslim immigrants, native-born Muslims, and refugees. We have already suffered the Boston Marathon attack by the Brothers Tsarnaev (both asylum seekers) It goes on and on and on.

And what is the response by the Obama administration and our European allies? They continue in this mad dash to admit more and more Syrian, Iraqi and North African refugees. Not too many Christians, mind you, but the very people who are the biggest threats. If you look at the images of the millions of "refugees" swarming into Europe, its is hardly the widows and orphans that Obama prattles on about. They are mostly able-bodied young men in their 20s.

Today, Europe, the US and Canada are under the thumbs of the most irresponsible national leaders in memory. It has already passed the point of saying that people will die as a result. They already have. How many more deaths will it take? How many more scenes like the New Years Eve assaults in Cologne will it take? In Europe, the folks have had enough. They are now forming organizations like PEGIDA and marching in the streets demanding an end. Yet, their governments treat them like they are the threats. In Calais just days ago, French gendarmes arrested 20 people for demonstrating including a 75-year-old retired four star general. What's worse, the arrests were carried out in Gestapo fashion. You would have thought the cops were taking down muggers. At the same time, pro-immigrant groups were allowed to march.

The solution is simple. No refugees should be allowed into the West (with the exception of Middle East Christians, who are literally running for their lives. We might also include European Jews, whose safety is threatened by the Muslim hooligans.)

Enough is enough!

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