Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Latest Batch of Clinton E-Mails: More Sid Blumenthal

Hat tip Family Security Matters and Squid

More emails have surfaced showing the squalid relationship between Hillary Clinton and her old pal, Sid Blumenthal, during her tenure as secretary of state,

In addition, seven more emails have been classified as top secret by the State Department.

Mrs Clinton can whine all she wants about the "partisan Republican witch hunt" (referring to the Benghazi select committee), but she has a hard time complaining when it is the State Department that is now disclosing her misdeeds. That State Department answers to President Obama. They never wanted to do this email search in the first place preferring to ignore Freedom of Information requests because it was too cumbersome. Unfortunately for them, a federal judge ordered them to comply.

In addition, there is nothing partisan about the FBI investigation into her misdeeds. It is they who are attempting to retrieve some 34,000 emails which Clinton had deleted. It is they who are investigating her misuse of a private server to, in essence, send and retrieve four years worth of diplomatic communications as unclassified. It is they who are investigating the favors she handed out to individuals, companies and governments in exchange for millions of dollars contributed to the Clinton Foundation and 6-figure speech fees for her husband. 

It's called gross negligence and corruption.

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