Friday, February 19, 2016

More Misinformation Revealed in Latest Batch of Clinton Emails

Hat tip Judicial Watch

"The State Department and Mrs. Clinton have been misleading the American people, the Congress, and the courts about when the State Department asked her for the government emails she took with her when she left State.  The new emails show that Hillary Clinton was specifically and separately asked for her government emails months earlier than what the State Department represented to the courts and what Clinton told the American people.  These new documents ought to be of keen interest to the FBI and federal prosecutors investigating Hillary Clinton and her colleagues in the Obama administration.  Were the White House and John Kerry in on this deception?"

I have just received the latest Judicial Watch weekly update on the status of the Clinton email case. They have now discovered that, contrary to State Department (and Hillary) claims that they only requested Hillary Clinton to return her emails to State control in November 2014, there was a request in July 2014. The below link also has an update on Operation Fast and Furious, which JW is also litigating.

When all is said and done, Judicial Watch (hopefully) will turn out to be in the Email scandal what the Washington Post was in Watergate. Pity there is no major newspaper as dedicated to getting to the bottom of the Clinton/Obama scandals as is Judicial Watch.

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