Sunday, February 28, 2016

Melissa Harris-Perry Out at MSNBC

Another one bites the dust

Melissa Harris-Perry, who recently spoke at UC Irvine amid great fanfare, has been canned by MSNBC, and she is not going quietly into the night.

It looks like the management at MSNBC is trying to clean up its image. Low ratings and a poor reputation has plagued the liberal cable news channel for years. Harris-Perry now joins Ed Schultz as a former MSNBC host.

The overhaul won't be complete, however, until they get rid of fast-talking Chris Matthews. Just the other night, I watched him covering the primaries, and there he was asking snide questions of his guests. He has a bad habit of asking a question then asking two or three new ones before his guest has even answered the first.

At any rate, the departure of Harris-Perry is welcome news.