Monday, February 1, 2016

Melissa Click Gets Faculty Support at Mizzou

Hat tip The Man Eater

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Melissa Click

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor of communications and journalism who doesn't understand the First Amendment, is getting much love from her colleagues at Mizzou. The campus paper, The Man Eater, has a letter of support from Professor of black studies Stephanie Shonekam. It's long on sympathy and saccharine prose, but very short on reason and common sense.

My own comment in the reader thread (being screened) says that if Ms Click has so little concept of the First Amendment that she would try to block reporters from covering a public event at a public institution, what is she doing as a professor of communications and journalism? Secondly, her call for "some muscle" to have a reporter physically removed fully justifies the charges brought against her.

Ms Click is an embarrassment to Mizzou as is this column by Ms Shonekan.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Intimidating people from exercising a constitutionally protected right is a felony. It should be prosecuted as such. I don't care who did what to who. (I can hold to that position even if I fully support the demands of the 1950 protests, which I don't.)