Friday, February 12, 2016

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

Hat tip PJ Media and Squid

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Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has an article on Huma Abedin, the mysterious lady behind Hillary Clinton.

Given Abedin's background, which has been featured on this site for years, she should never have been cleared for her position in the State Department. She has no business anywhere near Hillary Clinton or any other secretary of state, president, or presidential candidate.

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Squid said...

This is perhaps one of the most revealing and damaging articles regarding the unprotected Hillary server. Not only was Hillary working with Top Secret and Compartmentalized information, her aides were as well. Huma, was employed by the State Department and Teneo and the Clinton Foundation, all at the same time. One wonders if any of the Government's secrets were accidentally shared from Humas electronic devises with non-governmental businesses.
I have these questions, but it appears that the MSM does not, with the exception of Fox News and some Conservative bloggers.
Hillary is so confident that she will not be indicted, that one wonders if Obama told her not to worry if she would support his legacy in her campaigning for the presidency.
Our local newspaper, the OC Register has not carried the story and avoids any Hillary email reporting. The paper wonders why they ar going bankrupt, trying to sell their NY Times style reporting in the Conservative OC.