Saturday, February 13, 2016

First Amendment (and Integration?) Still Missing at Mizzou

Hat tip The College Fix

"Jews Whites not wanted here"

The spirit of Melissa Click lives on at the University of Missouri. That was evident when a campus paper journalist tried to attend and film a public meeting called by Concerned Student 1950.

Oh wait! It was for black students and students of color only. Whites heraus! (Whites out)

Of course, I have played this dance many times with the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine, a group who thinks they can hold public events at public venues and tell people (like me) that they cannot videotape. Last May, SF State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, who was scheduled to speak at UCI , suddenly "unmaterialized"  after I showed up to film and refused to surrender my First Amendment rights. A university official was there and told the MSU that the university would not enforce their demand. At that point, we never did see Abdulhadi. Whether she was hiding behind the curtain or waiting to board her flight down from San Francisco when the coast was clear, we will never know.

As for Mizzou, it is sad that race relations are going south like this after so many decades of progress, but it seems we are following a nationwide trend. This group (Concerned Student 1950) seems to think that we truly are living in the year 1950.

But kudos to Mark Schierbecker for standing his ground. It is a lot easier for an old guy like me than it is for him. I would suggest that he alert the campus police and administration of his intentions before the event. There needs to be someone in authority to explain the law.

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ourgenealogy said...

See for a detailed timeline of the on-going debacle at Mizzou. The Curator's tarbaby defense doesn't fit the protesters approach.