Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cal State LA Professor on the Warpath

Robert Weide
Opposing opinions verboten

Full disclosure: I attended California State University at Los Angeles (It was called a college then) and obtained my bachelors degree there in 1970. In fact, my major was Police Science and Administration. The Vietnam war was still going and we had a few campus protests, but not to the extent of other larger schools. Cal State LA was basically a commuter school, so most students came to class and took off when class was over.

I remember we had a crusty old retired LAPD guy teaching one of my classes. During one of the protests, he told us he had a gun and if anyone tried to storm his class, they would get shot. A few years later, I heard he ate said gun (shot himself).

But that was the old days. Now my alma mater has a liberal character running around campus getting in the faces of the few conservative students who dare tread at Dear Old Cal State LA. His name is Robert Weide, and we recently heard about his objection to conservative pundit Ben Shapiro speaking on campus. Now it seems he has pulled a Mireille Miller-Young act when he saw a young lady putting up a poster he didn't agree with. The College Fix has the funny, yet troubling report on this man's odd behavior.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen is what is teaching our children.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

For all the professor's posturing and frothing at the mouth, it appears from the report you linked to that there actually was a campus regulation about posting in the specific location they were posting, and they were in violation of it. Thus, it will not be possible to prosecute the professor for violating the civil rights of the posterers.

Sane people, of course, would have politely told them, nobody is allowed to post here without getting permission from ______________.

Gary Fouse said...

Both points well taken.

As much as I find myself at odds with the UCI Muslim Student Union, I bend over backwards to avoid direct confrontations and arguments with them. They are, after all, students and I am a teacher. This guy Weide, apparently has bot learned the lesson.