Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Shame of Kent State

Kent State University in Ohio will always be linked with the National Guard shooting that killed four students on its campus during a Vietnam war protest there in 1970.

Now a new shadow is descending over Kent State, one that has actually been lingering for a few years now due to the outrageous comments by history professor Julio Pino. This week, Pino is in the headlines, not only in the media of his own campus, but nationwide. He is now reportedly under investigation by the FBI over suspected support for ISIS.

Tonight, on Fox News, Megyn Kelly interviewed Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, an investigative site that follows militant Islam in the US. The information that Mauro has compiled on Pino begs the question: Why is this man still teaching in an American university?

American universities are filled to overflowing with radical professors who are poisoning the minds of our children and abusing free speech. Even by such putrid standards, Julio Pino takes the cake. No doubt his new found notoriety will bring him many speaking engagements on other campuses (if he's not in jail by then). I can't wait for him to come traipsing into UC Irvine, so I can tell this skunk face to face what I think of him.

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elwood p suggins said...

As I always say, the score still stands at National Guard 4, Kent State 0.