Friday, January 15, 2016

Pat Condell on the Abandonment of European Women

Irish pundit Pat Condell once again eloquently describes the disintegration of Europe, now centered around the sexual assaults of its women as highlighted New Years Eve in Cologne and the murder of an American women allegedly by an illegal Senegalese immigrant in Italy.

Condell is right. Europe is descending into tribal warfare. What are their choices? They can put people like Marine Le Pen (France) into office now, or it will take people like Hitler two or three years from now. Absent that, I see nothing but civil war. (No, I am not advocating another Hitler.)

In addition, the hard question must be asked: Why could not the German police put a quick end to the attacks at the train station in Cologne? And where were the German men? If there were over a hundred German women who were assaulted in and around the station, there must have been a hundred German men as well. What were they doing?

Someone recently said that a society that will not defend its women will defend nothing.

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