Saturday, January 16, 2016

ICE Put on Notice: UC Student Association Will Not Stand For Deportations

“The University of California should not stand for these kinds of raids on undocumented communities,” Rogel said. “The daily lives of undocumented students are being affected as these raids continue. It’s just getting worse and worse.”

That's right, Dear Reader. The University of California Student Association has spoken on the subject of arrests and deportations of people who are in the country illegally.

This will not stand.

"Language in the resolution suggests that these raids create “a threatening and unsafe environment in California and across the nation.” In response, the UCSA demands that the university administration refuse to collaborate with immigration officials, prohibit the ICE from recruiting or participating in public activities on UC campuses, and continue to allocate funding toward initiatives for undocumented students while engaging with undocumented students’ task forces on each campus."

Don't laugh. UC Irvine actually has a Dreamer Coordinator. But it gets better.

"Alavi’s sentiments echo the findings of a 2015 study of the undocumented student experiences at UC Berkeley. Nearly three-fourths of the undocumented students surveyed for the study reported skipping or reducing the size of their meals, and about one-fifth of those same students added that they had experienced a period of homelessness while enrolled at UC Berkeley."

Imagine that. How can you be attending one of the premier universities in the nation and be homeless at the same time?

I suggest the UCSA get back to the business of campus issues that really affect students and stop telling the US Government how to run its business. (Not that the Government couldn't use some help.)

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