Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Sexual Assault

Which women deserve to be believed?

                                                                                                   (Not her.)

Hat tip Washington Free Beacon

Hillary Clinton cemented her claim to 2015's Golden Penguin award as Fousesquawk's Jerk of the Year when she recently said that victims of sexual assault deserved to be believed and supported. True enough for true victims, but does that also pertain to Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaderick, who all claimed to have been victims of Bill Clinton's unwanted sexual advances?

As to Hillary's response to a pointed question about women whose charges turned out to be true, I would throw in the names of Monica Lewinsky and Jennifer Flowers. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton denied the statements of those women (regarding consensual affairs) until they were proven true. In Clinton's own interview while First Lady of Arkansas, she admitted she believed the claims of a rape victim in a case in which she defended the perpetrator.

Mrs Clinton should avoid the topic of victimized women altogether lest she be reminded of who she is married to.

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Squid said...

National security is one of the most important topics and concerns of American. So sexual assault is the Big topic of the day, due to Hillary's hit on Trump. I think that we should take a serious look at Hillary's record on foreign relations. She brought a toy button to a high level meeting with Russia and branded it as a reset button. How sophomoric. Now we see that Russia has taken over the responsibility in the Middle East, to control it. Under her lack of judgement, Russia move on the Crimia and Ukraine.
Now Russia has just finished its fourth military base in the Artic. One would ask: What is this all about? Do not count on the MSM to ask the question an do not ask Josh at the White House, this question. Do not ask Obama, because he will start his world tour when he gets back to Washington, after he tries to take gun rights away from U.S. Citizens, as the king of America.
So we are concerned about Hillary and her sexual assaulting hubby.