Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Germans Protest Migrant Assaults

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"Give me ten years and you will not recognize Germany."

-Adolf Hitler  Angela Merkel

In the wake of sexual assaults at Cologne's Central Train Station on New Years Eve as well as other similar attacks elsewhere in Germany, the German people are speaking out and demonstrating against Chancellor Angela Merkel's welcome mat policies toward refugees and other migrants who are flooding into the country.

This will certainly stimulate the growth of the PEGIDA  movement in Germany as well as similar movements elsewhere in Europe. Finally, some governments are starting to take (albeit) limited measures to stem the flow of people coming from the Middle East and North Africa. Contrary to the Schengen Agreement, whereby once you are in in one EU country, you are free to pass to the others, countries like Denmark and even Sweden are starting to turn people back. But is it too late?

Europe has already changed drastically from the place we once knew. Once safe streets are safe no more. Radical and militant Islamists are demanding the installation of sharia law and enforcing it street-style in the city quarters where they reside. Jews cannot walk the streets wearing distinctive garb. Now they are emigrating by the thousands. As women were being sexually assaulted in Germany, hundreds of cars were burned in France on New Years Eve-now an annual custom. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, and no-Swedish men are not suddenly inclined to commit this heinous crime. Belgium is now the biggest hideout for terrorists and France is the chief killing ground-at least in 2015.

And still the migrants keep arriving either by boat to Italy and Greece or by land from Hungary and Croatia-not mostly widows and orphans as President Obama maintains- but predominately young men of military age. Infiltrated among them are ISIS terrorists. At least one was involved in the latest attacks in Paris.

This should not be a debate about ethnocentrism or multi-culturalism. Europe long ago could have welcomed immigrants from many parts of the world to fill its labor needs and any desire to become more diverse. Unlike the US (once) did, Europe didn't pay any attention to assimilation or vetting. Now it is too late for that. Yet, astonishingly, though they have learned their lesson about assimilation through their failure, they are not paying any attention to vetting the newcomers. Three years ago, we were estimating that by 2050, if (then) present trends continued, Europe would be majority Muslim. Those estimates now need to be re-calculated. This is a path not only to the disappearance of Europe's own national cultures, it is a path to the loss of freedoms and national suicide.

The European people are not safe. What's more they are angry. Their current leaders can literally brand them as racists and even put them in jail when they speak out. Their only real hope is to get new politicians into their parliaments while they still have democracies-politicians who will stop this tidal wave of migration and send them back. Safe sanctuaries can be set up in Iraq and Syria if the Western powers have the will to create those safe spaces and keep true refugees there until they can return to their homes. Arab Christians are the ones truly deserving asylum. They could be absorbed  into Western countries in safe numbers and are more able to be assimilated since they are free of that hateful ideology (militant Islam) that is seeking to overthrow the West.

After World War I, Germany descended into a civil war during the failed Weimar Republic. Then came Nazism and World War II. Don't think Germany (and other European countries) could never fall back into a civil war again. The Continent desperately needs new leaders. The longer this drags out, the more radical the new leaders will be. Hopefully, the tipping point has been reached and new leaders will replace the current disastrous batch.

Dumping Angela Merkel would be a great start.

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