Tuesday, January 26, 2016

FBI Foils Another Islamic Terrorist Plot

How timely is this?

The FBI has arrested a Milwaukee man named Samy Mohamed Hanzeh, who was plotting to attack a Masonic lodge.

And to think that just today, my number one tormentor, Siarlys Jenkins, challenged me to list the number of foreign-born terrorists who have attacked or tried to attack us here in the US. (I don't know where this mope was born.) The important point is that this was another act of jihad.

But here's the kicker: Siarlys lives in Milwaukee!!!!!!!!


elwood p suggins said...

Is this one of those homegrown American white boys Siarlys was blathering about the other day?? Most likely not.

I would note that while there have also been at least a few planned/attempted/successful attacks involving homegrown black guys, the great bulk of attacks, whether domestic or abroad, involve Muslims.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Of course I live in Milwaukee. I've been waiting for you to catch up with this item ever since I read about it in the local paper over breakfast. The Journal-Sentinel staff did a magnificent job of covering both the evidence and the background of the individual arrested.

It is becoming painfully obvious right from the start that this guy is an irreligious loser who took it into his head to do something big to make a name for himself. He is not known to any of the Islamic societies in Milwaukee, has a reputation among friends for hardly ever saying his prayers, has been described as a party guy who could never stay in the local vocational school long enough to get an AA degree, bounced from one low-wage job to another.

In short, Islam was nothing but a convenient flag to wrap his own inner demons in. This morning it came out that his mother said he was framed... I take that with a huge grain of salt. When the "overt acts" for which someone is charged are transacted with government agents, there is always the question, did they lure an otherwise unmotivated person into transacting with them? That would be entrapment. But it seems the investigation began when this character began boasting about things he was going to do to make a name for himself.

As our now retired former local black columnist once wrote, a mother just doesn't have it in her to believe her son could do such a thing. (He wrote that after two young men holding up a corner grocery store at gun point were shot dead by a customer who was also armed. The customer has never been identified, and probably was not legally authorized to be in possession of a firearm, but, they were "caught in the act." One of their mothers said her son would never do such a thing).

What we really have to look out for is, our institutions are generally vulnerable to any anti-social idiot with a grudge who feels like going out in a blaze of glory taking 20 or 30 lives with them. Think Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook... Its possible that people with real connections to Daesh, or religiously observant Muslims who think they are adhering to God's most sacred commands, could initiate something like this. But the danger, more often, is an unhinged individual who, if jihad is in the news, will deem jihad as convenient a cover as any.

The other day Gary, you made a statistical claim. You have yet to back that up with hard data. elwood makes a similar statistical claim... also without data. Adam Lanza was not a Muslim. Neither were Dylan and Klebold, nor Nichols and McVey.

Gary Fouse said...

Another it had nothing to do with Islam claim notwithstanding the statements of the defendant. As for the entrapment claim, that's standard, and I guess CAIR will soon say the same thing. The key to entrapment is predisposition. It's the same in UC drug cases. What defeats the entrapment defense is prior/continuing acts by the person and his own statements to the UC.

It is also standard for the mosques to claim they never heard of the guy. We have seen that right here in OC, where suspects were arrested off to join the jihad and the local mosques disclaimed any knowledge of him. Yet, they were there at the mosque. Same thing in San Bernardino, where the local imam lied about the killer's involvement in the mosque.

Oh yes. Another US Islamic attack: Chattanooga last year I believe. A wounded soldier was just awarded (finally) the purple heart.

Did I mention, Ft Hood?

Gary Fouse said...


Here is some bedtime reading material for year since you asked for stats. Let me know if you need more.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention UC Merced, last November. That was also an act of Jihad.

Gary Fouse said...


Here is more (actual attacks carried out in US).

Amazing tool this Google. You should try it sometime.

elwood p suggins said...

The Chattanooga attack was, I believe committed by a naturalized citizen. The 2009 attack on a recruiting station in Little Rock which involved an American-born converted black Muslim was one of the incidents I was referring to.

P.S.--better make that McVeigh, whom the worms are now thankfully eating.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, you really must take a deep breath, count to ten, and try to recover your rational sense.

You haven't answered anything I said, you're just throwing up side remarks. If we have to play at one-upping each other with "one more that happened the way I was talking about" then you lose, because it shows there is not a single pattern.

As elwood mentions in passing, some of the "Muslim" attacks are home-grown non-Arab American converts who were kind of nut cases in the first place. If they hadn't run into Islam, they would have run into the New BPP or the American Nazi party or whatever grabbed their fancy. And while "we don't know him" is a common evasion, Milwaukee isn't that big a city anymore, and the news reporters did a thorough job looking into his background, and he really wasn't observant or in attendance, in fact, he didn't show any interest in Islam until he started trying to get his hands on those machine guns.

Gary Fouse said...


It seems I twice forgot to include the link to terro plots/attacks in the US since 9-11; Here is one which lists unsucessful plots

Gary Fouse said...

Here is an article on actual Islamic attacks in US up to December

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Ever read the Onion piece about the Wikipedia 18th of July parade celebrating the 829th anniversary of American independence? The very fact that EVERY instance in that article is related to jihad shows that the author had not researched the subject thoroughly, since we all know there have been other acts of terror perpetrated for other reasons, or no reason at all. He also reached as far as people arrested on charges of plotting acts that were never perpetrated. Now it is the function of law enforcement to stop these things before people are killed, whenever possible, but that criterion would greatly expand the list of OTHER terrorist acts. Give up while you're behind.

Gary Fouse said...

Ever read the two links I sent you in answer to your request? Evidently not. I don't know what your definition of terrorism is; maybe you include the Manson family murders. What I sent you was a list of terror plots disrupted in the US since 9-11 and a list of actual terrorist attacks carried out. They stand on their own. If you want to argue they represent only a few incidents, be my guest.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I was commenting directly on one of those links. You didn't notice?

What I said about wikipedia would apply in spades to the other one. You can't find six acts of terrorism committed on US soil since 9/11?

I'm sure the victims of the Manson family experienced terror, and Manson was in fact trying to inflict terror on a much larger population, even said he was trying to incite a race war.

But leaving him aside, since there were only 6 victims or so, I certainly would count Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech, based on sheer numbers. Seems to me there have been at least six schools where someone came in and shot a number of teachers and/or students since 9/11.