Saturday, December 5, 2015

UC Santa Barbara Silliness

Hat tip The College Fix                                                                                            


"The announcement about the “support/discussion gathering” comes one day after Klawunn sent another email to the campus community informing it of the formation of a “bias response team.”

This week, I posted an article about a spoof "list of demands" put our by some Facebook group calling itself the White Student Union at UC Santa Barbara.

Well, you would think that the Night Riders were cruising around the campus given the silly response by the school. Now we have counseling for students who don't feel safe and a Bias Response Team, presumably equipped with body armor.

You know who needs counseling? The families of those victims in San Bernardino. You want to see a real response team? That would be the cops of San Bernardino who responded to the scene of that terrorist attack and those who eventually took out the two terrorists.

You people in Santa Barbara need to grow up and prepare yourselves for the real world out there. Someday, you may be faced wit a real macro-aggression. You better get ready for it.

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