Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sword Attacker Being Investigated as "Possible Radicalized Muslim" in Victorville

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Victorville, California is a sleepy burg you drive through on the way to and from Las Vegas. Its most notable feature is that it was the home of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and their stuffed horse, Trigger).

That was until yesterday when Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi (57) chased his neighbor with a sword while proclaiming he was ready to "die and kill for Allah" (though not necessarily in that order).  The Victorville Daily Press' headline says that a "possible radicalized Muslim  arrested."

Here is a tip for the VV Daily News: If you attack your neighbor with a sword, while proclaiming a readiness  to die and kill for Allah (though not necessarily in that order, of course), I would say you are radicalized.

(Actually, fundamentalized would be a better word.)

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