Friday, December 4, 2015

"Scholars" in Berkeley Blame Victims in Discussing Paris Attacks

Hat tip Campus Watch, Jihad Watch and Berkeley News

Campus Watch has posted an article by Berkeley News about a panel held by reputed American and French scholars at the UCB Berkeley Law School discussing the Paris massacres. Naturally, the West was blamed.

"Berkeley law professor Christopher Kutz argued that once a country declares it's at war, there is greater pressure for success and to escalate tactics and military engagement. "We might again wonder if this rhetoric of war is going to undermine a commitment to a long-term struggle against terrorism," he said."

Apparently, Professor Kutz thinks we can win this "struggle" without any military action.

"It's important, said Berkeley anthropology professor Saba Mahmood, for the U.S. and Europe to confront their own complicity in creating and perpetuating violence and terrorism in the Middle East. "The U.S. and European governments have destroyed the political and economic infrastructure of these countries — slowly, methodically and mercilessly," she said."

That's right, Mahmood. Blame the victims.

"It's easy to have a candlelight vigil," Baziam concluded, "but much more difficult questions must be asked about the policies that got the world to this point. Who supplied these groups with weapons? Who benefits from profit of rewarding undemocratic regimes that have sent more of their young population to Daesh (or ISIS) than to universities?"

Hatem Bazian will always blame the West first and foremost. Please refer to my recent posting about Bazian's comments about America and its race relations.

Here is a report from Jihad Watch about a similar panel at Berkeley after the Charlie Hebdo/kosher market murders in Paris. Both Bazian and Mahmood were featured on that panel. On that occasion as well, the victims (French, America, and the West) were blamed. In addition, the issue of anti-Semitism in France was buried.

This is positively disgusting. Every time a bunch of Islamic terrorists go out and massacre people, we have so-called professors like these blaming the victims and saying it is all the fault of the West. Who hires these people?

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