Tuesday, December 22, 2015

San Bernardino: How We Are Vetting Immigrant Applications

It appears our State Department did a very haphazard job of checking Tashfeen Malik's immigration request. They were not even 100% sure that both she and Syed Farooq were in Saudi Arabia during the same time frame when they supposedly met and became engaged. Our officials were nonetheless satisfied that she was a legitimate K-1 visa applicant. Result? Fourteen dead in San Bernardino.

And this is the same government that is assuring us that they will adequately vet all those tens of thousands of "Syrian refugees (women and orphans) " who they plan to admit.

Widows and orphans


elwood p suggins said...

Since he lives there Gary will know better than me, but I would just about, in the dark, bet $10.00 against a week-old Krispy Kreme that the so-called "assault rifles" involved, which were reportedly bought legally, were in some way or other "registered" to the purchaser. Did not prevent this tragedy/massacre. Never does. Never will. Neither do banning guns, closing gun show "loopholes", waiting periods, limits on number of guns purchased, etc., or any of the usual claptrap of the Left.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, she did marry him, live with him, and have a child with him. K-1 vetting is not normally supposed to involve gazing into a crystal ball to see if in the future she might whisper in his ear during a hot embrace "Darling, we have to go shoot up everyone at that office party where you work." Usually immigration is expected to sort out whether the foreign spouse has the slightest idea what the citizen spouse's bedroom looks like, or whether its just a paper marriage to get the foreign spouse legal residency.