Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ed Schultz Sighting: Wants to Scrap the "Outdated" Constitution

Hat tip Newsbusters

Former MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz (He's still a blowhard -just not with MSNBC any longer.) has gotten himself back in the news after a long hiatus by complaining about the Second Amendment and saying that the US Constitution is just an outdated document that needs to be scrapped.

Since my doctor ordered me not to watch MSNBC any more, I hadn't even known that Blustering Ed was gone. He is now reduced to a podcast, which means he has about as many followers as I do on this humble blog.

As a couple of you may know, Ed was a quarterback in college before becoming a college football announcer at some podunk in North Dakota. He made his mark in broadcasting by becoming the first play- by- play announcer in modern sports history to join in on a brawl in the stands. To this day, it's the greatest thing he has ever done in his life.

While at MSNBC, he "distinguished" himself by repeatedly calling conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham, a "right-wing talk slut" on his radio show.

But it's good to know-in a perverse sort of way- that Ed is still out there blowing off steam like a sperm whale. As long as Ed is around, he will always  be good for a laugh.


elwood p suggins said...

I alternate between humorous and pathetic. As I recall, he also wished a fatal heart attack on Dick Cheney, among MANY other ignorant statements.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I wouldn't even know about Ed if not for this humble blog. I do know about the Constitution though. I have several copies in my desk and another in my pocket.