Friday, December 4, 2015

CAIR's Alert to "Their Community"

Today, the Southern California chapter of CAIR has sent out this message: 

Dec 4, 2015 

GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA ALERT: Reminder of Legal Rights if Approached by FBI 
There are many unanswered questions resulting from yesterday’s shooting in San 
Bernardino. Local law enforcement and FBI are doing their best to provide 
answers. However, the necessary intelligence gathering should not come at the 
cost of individual civil liberties. It is important that Muslims understand 
their rights when visited by law enforcement at their home or workplace. It's as 
easy as 1-2-3:  
1. Do not speak with an FBI agent without a lawyer and don't let them inside 
your home unless they show you a search warrant signed by a judge.  
2. If they visit you, ask them to give you their business card. Take the card 
and tell them that your lawyer will contact them. 
3. Call CAIR-LA Civil Rights Department at 714.776.1177 or email 
at and we will give you a lawyer who will represent 
you free of charge.    Read "Know Your Rights" by CAIR for 
more information.  American Muslims strongly support law enforcement and the 
protection of our national security. As Americans, we also value the civil 
rights of every individual. Cooperating with law enforcement does not mean you 
must give up your right to a lawyer. 
CAIR-LA is partnering with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern 
California (ACLU) and Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (AAAJ-LA) 
to provide free attorney services if you are approached for questioning by the 
For immediate assistance, contact one of our offices: 
CAIR-LA: (714) 776-1177   ACLU: (213) 977-5236   AAAJ-LA: (888) 349-9695 [Please 
note: This above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute 
legal advice. Should you have any questions about the material herein or about a 
specific case, please consult with your attorney.] 
  CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. 
Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, 
protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that 
promote justice and mutual understanding. OFFICE LOCATION 
2180 W. Crescent Ave, Suite F 
Anaheim, CA 92801 

Bottom line? Don't talk to the police or FBI. Call us or your lawyer.


Squid said...

Oh, did CAIR forget to include the Muslim Brotherhood proclamation that they well destroy the miserable house (America) from within. CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood, the same organization that was invited to the Whit House.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fouse, your blog is radicalizing me. I want to support a candidate or political party whose platform has a clear position on the dangers facing my country which you show emanate from the Middle East. I have found no such candidate, no such party. What's a proud patriot to do? As a side note, I read a lot about Marine Le Pen and her followers in France .... yet I see nothing of her sort in the US. I am left to think that it may take more San Bernardino-like incidents to wake up my countrymen. Thoughts?

Gary Fouse said...


It is not my intention to "radicalize" you only inform you as to the threat. I have tried very hard not to demonize peaceful Muslims, but we have to face the threat.

As for a candidate or a party: I am not a Republican. I am an independent, but there is only one party I can vote for and that is Republicans. The Democrats will not face up to the threat. I think most of the Republican candidates are speaking out on the threat and the fact that we need to destroy ISIS. Obama's strategy will not work. I do not support Trump for many reasons, but I think you can find several of the other candidates who will do the right thing.

We don't need to become radicals. Vote and become active.